An informative approach to the career search and career guidance:

(Lissy Carr’s SOWHADDYADO)
(Alec Borenstein’s Life Coaching)
(Rona Wexler’s Employment Eligibility and Vocation Consulting Company)

Audibly Tuning out the Disease:

(Evan Winiker’s Music Management Firm and Artists)
(Jeremiah Glazer’s Music)
(Adam’s Sach’s Earwolf Podcasts)
(Jack Antonoff’s New Music Venture)
Julie Potash Slavin’s DJ and Music
(Noah Aronson Music)
(Jay Stolar’s Music)
(Jerry Ferrara’s Bad 4 Business Podcast)
(Howard Stern Interviews on Youtube)
(Howard Reiss Year of Soup. A Heartwarming and Intuitive Book)
Documenting Your Cancer Journey Photographically:
Annual Reelabilities NY Disabilities Film Festival:
Documenting your final journey with “Last Days” (through Wayfarer Entertainment and Justin Baldoni):
The Gurfein Scholarship Fund for Writing (turn your pain into a powerful journey):
Extremely helpful website on how to cope with loss: (from a friend of Marisa Guber):
Karen Schwartz’s Cancer Approach (saving her follicles during chemo):
Creating a Legacy Contact on Facebook (someone in charge of your social media account):
Barrie Sueskind’s Group and personal therapy practice:
Robin Arzon and ShutupandRUN:

Sweat Out Your Pain with Annabelle Torgman and Aly Teich:

Max Turk Wellness:


Alex Niles Chemo and Port Friendly Outerwear (Curewear Founder):

curewear shirt
Affordable Insomnia Solution:
(Dimming for cable lights and optimal sleep)
DiMMYS | Reusable LED Covers
Real Simple - DiMMYS Feature
Rachel Klinghoffer’s Artwork:

Treat Yo Self (Health, Wellness and Advisory Edition):

In the Words of Aziz and Retta” TREAT YO SELF” :
(Handcrafted jewelry by Meredith Blacker)
(Helpful issue based advice by Dr. Darcy Sterling)
(Avner Mizrahis Global Communication Company)
(Marisa Guber’s Yoga Classes)
(Jacqueline Gelb Mazor’s Formal Clothing Company)
(Midtown NY Wellness and Holistic Practices Center)
(Yael Melamed’s Healing in Northern Cali)
(Arielle Haspel’s 365 wellness tips)
(Deena Barselah’s Health Coaching)
(Brooke Baron’s Gourmet Cookie Company)
(Healing and Food Allergy Tailored Soup Deliver Company)
(NYC Kid’s Theatre Company created by Danielle Haber and Caroline Patterson)
(Hara Weatherston’s Curated Gem Company)
(Ali Zaccagnino and Jamie Rutenberg’s Gem and Bauble Company)
(Delicious NYC Restaurant owned by Sachi and Adam Elzer)
(Wonderful and one of a kind clothing pieces by Rachel Antonoff)
(Rachel Rose’s Yoga Company)
(Jessica Gellar’s Design and Furniture Firm)
(Lori Ehlrich’s fantastic hair care company she works for)
(Ari Ackerman’s BUNK1 camps)
(Do It Delicious)

Comedic, Insightful and Thought Provoking Musings:

Josh Jashinski’s Comedic Musings
Prayers for Sophie Ryan a young cancer battler and friend of fix
Aly Teich’s words on her familial experience with Cancer
Nurses Magazine
Kerry Mcquade Chronic Illness Warrior and Brave Friend of Fix:
Extremely helpful website on how to cope with loss: (from a friend of Marisa Guber):
Rafi Kohan’s Articles:
Matt Goldman’s Politcally Focused Articles:
Tara Kipnees Writing:
Bryce Gruber’s Musings on Comedy, Pop Culture and Luxury:
Jessica Abo’s Youtube Channel:
The Kind Campaign by Lauren Paul:
Jennifer Way’s Gluten Free Bakery by Jennifer Esposito:
Planning a fundraiser or charitable event:
Robert Goldberg and his Cancer Awareness Campaigns:
Alec Borenstein’s Estate Planning:
One of Ariel Fixler’s Favorite Throwback and Distraction Sites:
From Our CancerCare Support Group Comrades:
10 Things To Expect When You Have Cancer
10 Thoughts On Human Connections & Spirituality
How Not To Say The Wrong Thing
What Your Friends With Cancer Want You To Know (But Are Afraid To Say)

Other Resources:
Disability Benefits Guide