The goal of The Fixler Foundation is to provide a resource foundation to support people who have chronic, debilitating and terminal illnesses. Many of us do not know what to say or how to say it. A quick Google search leaves us with generic lists of what to say and what not to say, but doesn’t delve much deeper. This site focuses on what to say, how to listen and support and allow the patient to feel loved, but most importantly, feel listened to and heard. A lot of patients shut down and suffer deep depression and isolation and there are many things you can do or say, that won’t cause them to retreat further.   Caregivers or “Care Partners” can feel the same way.  This site even has a supportive imagery section when you really don’t know what to say.

You will find resources for health, wellness, transportation, alternative wellness and special support services for those with illness and their care partners.  So sit back, peruse the website and pull your focus in closely on tips to help support a patient and those who care for them. You will find tips for your visits. How to open the dialogue and how to drive the conversation for the most optimal visits. What to bring for a visit and how to mentally clear your assumption and question heavy queue before a visit.

This will help create the kind of visit that leaves both, the visitor and visited, with the feeling that the person you care about has found a true ally and listening ear in their fight against a debilitating illness.